Loyalty and friendship, which is to me the same, created all the wealth that I’ve ever thought I’d have.

Loyalty and friendship, which is to me the same, created all the wealth that I ’ve ever thought I’d have. – Ernie Banks

What is meaning  of  Quote :
The quote starts by declaring loyalty and friendship as being the same. Consider that for a moment. Can you call a person a friend who is disloyal? I don’t think I could. What about someone loyal who is n’t a friend? If they are being loyal to an ideal, a concept, or their own values, are they being loyal to you?
Even if you feel you are too superior to them to acknowledge their personal loyalty, I would say that they are being a friend to you. While I still feel the words are different, for the purposes of this quote they are close enough to be considered identical.
The quote finishes by saying that the friendships he had created all the wealth he ever thought he’d have. Here, we’re looking at an alternate definition of the word wealth. While he’s not a poor man, he isn’t bragging about his bank account here. He’s talking about the richness of spirit, and the richness of the heart which only friends can give you.
I would go as far as to guess that there is an implied reciprocity in this quote. Not only were others loyal friends to him, but he was the same to them. To me, that’s where the riches come from, a shared friendship and mutual loyalty. To me, that’s what this quote is truly about.
Why is wealth important?  
Again, I’m using the wealth found in the hearts of you and your friends, not material wealth, as the measure of wealth spoken about in the quote. Have you ever had a time in your life when you had almost no friends? Perhaps when you moved, or started a new school?
How did it feel to have no friends, to have none of the kind of wealth that wells up inside you when you see your friends across a room or down a hall? I have been there, and it’s no fun. Having friends usually means being one as well. It goes both ways, right?
That’s not to say there are n’t times for quiet solitude, but most of us seem to do better when we are wealthy with friends, even if it’s only a few fast friends. This friendship, this small community you have formed together, that is not something you can buy with any amount of cash.
Where can we apply this in our life ?
How many friends do you have? How close a friendship do you have with each one? What is the level of loyalty that goes with each relationship? To me, the way you get more wealth is to strengthen the bonds of friendship, to be a better friend, and a more loyal person.
However, it is important you select the proper people with whom you will make a stronger friendship. Pick people who have similar goals in life, similar values and beliefs, and are also interested in having a stronger friendship with you.
How does one increase loyalty, or show it? You may have additional ideas (and feel free to leave a comment below, specifying your thoughts), but I have done it by being there for the other person. When they needed help moving, I was there. When they needed help painting the house, I showed up.
You are basically showing them by your actions that you value them as a person, and that you will do what you can to help them out. This show of respect is, in my opinion, one of the simplest and most straight forward ways of showing someone you are truly a friend.
Have you ever heard the term “fair weather friend?” It is a term for someone who says they are a friend, but has no loyalty. As long as everything is sunny and warm, they are there for you. But as soon as life turns ugly, as soon as the sky clouds up and the rain begins to fall, they’re gone like the wind.
That’s not the kind of person you really want to call a friend, is it? I know it’s not the kind of person I want to have around. The same goes for those who show up to help you move late in the afternoon, and then stay for the pizza and beer.
To me, this quote is about showing your friends that you are loyal, that you appreciate them, and that you are there for them. This is what brings wealth to your spirit, and fills your heart with riches beyond what you could have imagined.
Go out, and do what you can to be a better friend, a more loyal friend. Share the riches of your heart with your friends by letting them know they have value to you. I think it’s worth the effort. How about you, will you do it, or just read and nod your head?


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