To Inspire Yourself and Others

To Inspire Yourself

Let yourself get inspired!  Think about the people that inspire you the most.  What inspires you about them?  What have they done, seen, experienced, learned, or accomplished that places them at this point of admiration to you?  Are these inspirational people business leaders, your parents or grandparents, your boss, your teachers?  How do they or did they make you feel?  Write down a list of qualities and characteristics that they have that you would like to master.  Write down how they made you feel.  Then decide what time frame, training or mentoring you need to acquire those characteristics and begin working towards them at once.  Zig Ziglar’s perhaps most famous saying is that,
“You can get everything you want in life, if you just help enough other people get what they want.”
The essence of these words t is what makes our life experience so unique.  To be successful, you must help others find success.  To be happy, you must make others happy.  To be an inspiration, you must be inspired.  While going about your business today, get inspired by something and let that inspiration inspire others!