I allow others to help me.

I allow others to help me.

I release the need to try to do everything myself. Other people can 
do things just as well as I can, and I am relieved that they are ready 
and willing to help me out. Letting others help me brings with it a whole world of benefits, starting with giving me more time for myself!

At home, I let my children help with the household responsibilities. I started when they are just toddlers with small tasks that they can easily achieve. As they grow, I teach them how to sort their own laundry and then take care of it themselves. I show them how to cook and clean and then assign tasks for them to do each week. I show them the importance of organization and let them help keep things organized.

As a result, they learn responsibility and each child feels that he is an 
integral and needed part of the family.

I allow my spouse to help me, too. In fact, we help each other however 
we can. Household work is always more fun and gets done in half the 
time when we do it together! Also, when I am feeling down, my spouse shores me up again.

At work, I let my co-workers help me. I delegate tasks to those most suited for it, knowing that they will do a great job. The whole team benefits when we share the work and responsibilities in this way.

When I am trying to solve a problem, I seek advice from those who may 
have been through the same dilemma. I let their wisdom and experience 
guide me in my decision.

Today, I give up the superman persona and welcome help from those 
who would give it.

Self-Reflection Questions for All :
Do I tend to resist the help of others?
How can I get my children involved in helping around the house?

How can I delegate tasks more effectively at work?

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