Love And Attachment Difference

What is the Difference between Love & Attachement

Have you ever wondered what the difference between love and attachment are? And even if you haven't you really can't tell me what the difference is can you? 

Well, she explained that love and attachment go hand in hand most of the time, but there is a profound difference. 

When you love a person and they go away for a while, you don't miss them. You don't need to because this philosophical way of thinking reminds you that you don't need to miss them because you know that they'll return or because you carry a piece of that person with you where ever you go. And this all because you love them. 

If you are attached to someone you miss them terribly when they're not with you and you may experience pain, emotional and otherwise. That's not love, because love isn't supposed to hurt. 

You hurt because you need a part of that other person... something that your missing and you think you can't live without. it's like addiction... only a milder form. 

This all because you are attached to someone. Now, don't believe that when you love someone you can't miss them, that is untrue. 

You're only supposed to miss them enough to wish that they were with you at that moment but not enough to feel pain.

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