Blanket of Darkness.

There is a time in everyones life where we release the monster called Darkness that was once trapped in a cage deep within our soul where it sets out to consume our lives.

The worst of it all is that we allow ourself to be devoured and be surrounded by the shadows as we embrace it pretending it is an enemy disguised as an old friend. We give it permission to scar us, to bring back the pains of the past and the present, and to make us feel truly isolated, trapped with only the sadness and regret that we have. It exploits our humanity; It uses our self doubts and the mistakes we have done in the past to it’s advantage so we can walk further into the shadows, until we are shallowed whole by the darkness we released. 

The monster stays out its cage and take swipes at our mind, heart, and soul fuelled by our conscious telling us we deserve the torturous acts occurring within ourselves. As we try to hide ourselves from the rest of the world, we begin to realize that there is no where to go in this blanket of darkness. We begin deceive ourselves that we are in fault for everything and the regrets we have are enhanced. 

The saddest thing about this agonizing time is when this monster is not tamed in its cage, is that most of the time the things we are hurting ourselves over for is truly undeserved. Darkness feasts on our ability to try to explain why life is sometimes inadequate by putting the faults on ourselves, and not realizing that we don’t have control in every aspect of life. Sometimes things go disastrous unexpectedly and sometimes we make mistakes that we must learn to forgive ourselves for. Until this is realize the darkness that was released may never be locked away in its cage.